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Foot Lock Escape To Berimbolo

Inverted De La Riva to Leglock

X-Guard to Triangle

Dear Friend,


If you want to exponentially improve your skills on the mat in the fastest time possible this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.


Here’s why…


At first glance, the winningest pair of competitors in Jiu Jitsu over the last few years don't look very tough:


They are small
They are skinny
They are so shy they almost never talk
They wear Coke bottle glasses



Oh Yeah…They Almost Never F@#king Lose!


In a very nondescript building in São Paulo, Brazil (there isn't even a sign on the front) lies one of the most prolific BJJ gyms in the world. In this laboratory, under the watchful eye of Cicero Costha - the man who taught them - the Miyaos have transformed themselves from humble soybean farmers into the most recognizable pair in the sport.


Watching their matches is like watching a late night re-run over and over. They pull guard, they turn upside down, they take the back, they finish. Their opponent may weigh 150 lbs. or 150 kilos, it doesn't matter - the process & the result is the same. Not only do they win... They win the exact same way... Both of them... Every Time.


Take a look at some of their combined results over the last 3 Years…


- 2011 Purple Belt World Champion
- 2012 Purple Belt World Champion
- 2013 Brown Belt World Champion (Joao at weight/Paulo Absolute)
- ADCC Trials Champion (Joao)
- ADCC Bronze Medalist (Joao)
- 2014 Black Belt Belt Pan Champion (Closed Bracket)


What is the process they have that allows these ludicrous accomplishments?


The Miyaos do have some Judo training but they don't use it in BJJ. They pull guard, and then it starts: Perhaps the most well thought out formula from guard that exists in the world. It works so well that when these 2 rather frail looking kids use it their opponents seem to have no chance.




The simple answer: No one knows how.


Go ahead type them, or Cicero Costha, their coach into YouTube - you won't find any videos of them teaching.


This Has To Change!!!




They've never shown anything on film before. Until now...


Miyao Brothers Side by Side


These guys are competitors first. It's virtually a miracle that they agreed to show anything in film – and there’s a good chance they might never do it again.


But their moves are like magic - once you see them you'll scratch your head like you did when you first learned how to do multiplication in school. You'll chuckle & say "Ah ... ok, now I understand!"




Miyao Brothers Move


For instance - did you know that there is one mistake that almost everyone makes when entering the Berimbolo that will get you smashed & your guard passed almost every time?


For the Miyaos it's not enough to sweep & score 2 points - they have one sequence that allows them to sweep-pass-take the back almost every time.


In this video series “Berimbolo and Beyond,” the Miyao brothers explain the little tricks, cheats & nuances that allow them to do this. So instead of going for a 2 point sweep - they go for a 9 point sweep, pass, back take sequence & then they try to submit. See why they win so much?


You might be asking..


"What if my opponent pulls guard first & I'm stuck on top?"


Well for the Miyaos there is never a bad time to pull guard - they secretly hope their opponent pulls because they will too. The difference is that this is something they have trained for- The Double Pull- and if their opponents haven't trained for the double pull (no one else seems to train this), they are screwed. The Miyaos have a system for double guard pulls that just obliterates anyone who doesn't know it. If you don't know it & you're a guard player this will dramatically raise your win percentage.


Submissions: The Miyaos rack up a ton of them but their problem is that virtually everyone they compete against is bigger & stronger than they are. As a result none of their subs rely on power - everything they use is smooth and you won't be seeing a lot of power arm triangles


Simply put…


This Is The Most Unique DVD Set On The Market


Two guys who, despite an obvious strength disadvantage, have used these moves to dominate at purple, brown & black in consecutive years. These moves can make any serious BJJ player better - no one else has seen them...





4 DVD Set

Miyao Brothers DVD List

So what's on the DVD SET BERIMBOLO & BEYOND?

Miyao Brothers DVD 1



  Delariva to Back Take

  Delariva to Back Take with Lapel

  Delariva to Leg Drag. - mike likes this one

  Delariva to Back Take variation Kicking Back of Knee

  Delariva to Leg Drag to Back Take

  Delariva to Myiao Balloon to Back Take

  Delariva to X-Guard to Technical Stand up

  Inverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Back Take

  Inverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Leg Lock

  Inverted Delariva with Spider Hook to X-Guard to Leg Drag

  Inverted Delariva to X-Guard to Technical Stand Up

  Inverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Berimbolo

  Inverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Foot Lock

  Delariva to Back Take Variation Kicking Front Knee

  Sweep From X-Guard to Leg Drag





Miyao Brothers DVD2



  X-Guard to Back Take

  X-Guard to Triangle

  X-Guard to Leg Guard

  X-Guard to Omaplata Sweep

  Sweep to Leg Drag to Side Control

  Back Take from Sweep

  Inverted Triangle

  Calf Lock

  Shoulder Lock

  Back Take from Fake Kimura

  Biceps Lock


  Arm Lock

Miyao Brothers DVD3



  Berimbolo Fundamentals

  Berimbolo Variation 1

  Berimbolo to Toe Hold

  Berimbolo to Knee Bar

  Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo

  Back Take from Leg Lasso

  Foot Lock Escape to Berimbolo

  Berimbolo to Leg Drag Pass

  Back Take From Double Pull

  Double Pull to Berimbolo to Mount

  Double Pull to Foot a Lock Escape to Arm Lock

  Double Pull to Kimura

  Double Pull to Straight Knee Bar

Miyao Brothers DVD4



  Leg From Double Pull

  Back Take From Open Guard

  Shin on Shin Butterfly to Back Door Back Take

  Shin on Shin Butterfly to Deep Half Guard To Back Door Back Take

  Shin on Shin Guard to deep Half guard to Rolling Back Take

  Rolling Sweep Counter to Double Under Pass

  Counter to Over Under Pass to Calf Crank

  Counter to Double Under to Rolling Arm Bar

  Counter to Double Under to Knee Pick

  Calf Lock from Double Pull


You know you need these videos, so the next question is… How Much???


Well, what is it worth to learn from
the most secretive pair of badasses in BJJ?



This might be the most unique BJJ video series on the market. The legendary Miyao brothers are going to draw back the curtain and let you in on the secret system they’ve honed through years of hard work.


We’d ask how much do you think it would cost to get a personal instructional from the brothers but we won’t bother – they’d never agree to do one!


So again, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience?


We could easily have charged $197 and it would have been an easy decision. But we’re not going to do that.


Instead, cut that price in half…


The Miyao brothers’ first time ever on film – revealing all their secrets – is yours for just… $97


There’s one other not-so-small detail…


Paolo and Joao are very proud of their training and the tips contained herein. For that reason, there is a LIMITED supply of these videos! So if you want to ensure your copy, you MUST act now.


Limited amount printed - when they are gone- they are gone


Miyao Brothers Price Point


You don’t want this DVD set,

you NEED this DVD set

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